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Residential Oil Delivery

Sign-up for automatic delivery! We manage your deliveries of home heating oil for you.  Using high tech degree day heating system- adjusted to your specific home and use-to keep your tank full all year round so when you reach for the thermostat you can be confidant that you will have heat.  Reichert and Sons uses advanced zone and areas mapping to help reduce the cost of delivery of your home heating oil in a timely convenient manner.  Automatic delivery helps prevent late night run outs and service calls due to running out of oil, but as always if there is a problem we always have a driver on call 24Hrs to make those deliveries to our loyal customers.

If you would rather keep track of your own deliveries we offer “Will Call” option.  Please note that there is a 100 gallon minimum delivery, and due to the inaccuracy of fuel tank gauges and different size tanks the risk of running out of oil is greater.  For example if you call the day before a snow storm we will do our best to delivery to you but cannot guarantee that we would make it. Also there are no discounts associated with being will-call.

Don't like getting hit with large fuel bills in the winter months?
We can help by offering you our new exciting EZ Pay Option!

New in 2010 Reichert & Sons started the “E-Z Pay Program”!  Don’t be burdened by high heating bills in the winter months.  Eighty Percent of a customer’s heating bills are incurred November- May.   As part of our continuing effort to provide our customers with the best customer service, we can help you avoid the market fluctuations and higher demand during the colder months with small manageable payments throughout the year. There is no fee or enrollment cost to sign up for EZ Pay. Even when you receive two deliveries in one month, you only make your EZ Pay payment. The EZ Pay option takes the cost of your energy bills and breaks them down into equal monthly installments. After a quick calculation of your annual energy costs, EZ Pay determines your monthly payment. Save stamps, time, and trees! Contact us to have your EZ Pay option withdrawn from your credit card or debit card monthly or pay ONLINE!  If you choose to put your credit card on file with us know that your personal information is safe guarded by password protected software and a secure network. 

As long as your E-Z Plan Program is current and up to date you will receive .10 cents off per gallon on each delivery!  In order to sign up your account balance must be zero and each month your E-Z Pay payment must be received by the 15th.

E-z Pay reference Guide. This is only a Guide, for an exact figure please click on contact us, give us a call or send an email and we will do our best to help you out.

If you use this many gallons of oil per year: Your estimated payment per month is:


















Will-Call or Automatic Delivery

Reichert Oil will perform Will-Call oil deliveries, but this puts the burden on the home owner to monitor their oil level. If the oil runs dry, we must bleed the system to get it running again, which is a billable service call. We do NOT offer Price Cap to customers using Will-Call Service.

With Automatic Delivery, we guarantee that you will never run out of oil; if we somehow fail to gauge your oil supply correctly we will dispatch a delivery immediately and bleed your system for free. Our scheduling system is so efficient that this rarely occurs.

24/7 Repair Service -- "No Heat" Calls for Gas and Oil Systems

Reichert Oil never sleeps! We have emergency technicians available at all hours to handle your furnace repair or service call on a first-come, first served basis. Most problems are solved within a few hours, some may take up to 24 hours. No-one else can service your oil or gas burner problems faster or better than Reichert Oil! We do not contract our service calls out to questionable service providers; all calls are handled by our Reichert Oil, so that you can have the same confidence in a late-night Sunday repair that you can have with regularly scheduled maintenance.

We recommend that our customers have their furnaces checked and tuned at least once a year. We are experts at furnace tuning and cleaning! Reichert Oil customers have fewer emergency service needs than other home or business owners.

Contact us today at (401) 568-2130, (800) 696-2130 or via the Internet for rates or contract information, or to request a service call.



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