Bioheat® at home

In the end, it all comes down to the Bioheat® user at home. Having real answers to questions about Bioheat®, its delivery to the home and how it effects heating systems is the key to homeowner satisfaction.

What are common questions home owners might have?

“What are the advantages of Bioheat®?”

Bioheat® is safe and provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn. It is a renewable energy source that reduces toxic emissions; it is biodegradable, and suitable for sensitive environments. It may actually extend equipment life and reduces periodic maintenance intervals. Bioheat® is made domestically from agricultural or recycled resources, reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here at home.

“What modifications will need to be made to my heating system?”

None, when you switch to a Bioheat® B5 blend. The performance and properties are the same as your current fuel, and maintenance is standard. Most heating system manufacturers — like Beckett, Suntec Industries, and Carlin Combustion — accept Bioheat® and stand by their warranties with its use.

“Does Bioheat® cost a lot more?”

No, Bioheat® costs are similar to traditional heating oil.

“How do I find a Bioheat® Dealer?”

Just use this website. The Dealer Locator button on the top of this website will help you find a registered Bioheat® Dealer near you. Just enter in your zip code and a few will pop up in your area.

“How can I be sure we’re getting consistent quality fuel?”

The industry has two quality standards guidelines. BQ-9000 is a voluntary quality assurance program that accredits producers of Biodiesel. BQ-9000 promotes the success of Biodiesel, warrants that the quality is maintained at proper specifications, and helps monitor quality throughout the distribution system.

ASTM international is a group that sets technical standards for global industry. D-6751 is their code number for pre-blended Biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is the ONLY renewable diesel fuel with approved ASTM specifications

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